I might be one of the few people I know who loves office politics.  Getting ahead and getting what you want/need from your co-workers is an art. No one person is an island of success, an office is a tribe. And our particular tribe is full of awesome egos.

Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

Our office contains 5 different radio stations, including 95-1 The MOOSE. We've got XL Country 100.7, MY 103-5, KISS-FM and AM 1450 KMMS. Each of these stations is run by a smart, savvy ego maniac. We have to be because we love to win. Good Team Captains possess many qualities but a healthy dose of ego never hurts.

We also have an incredibly intelligent and driven sales staff who are successful because they love what they do and the media products that they sell to local and national businesses.

Back to the office politics and how to get what you want.

DON'T SUCK AS A HUMAN BEING: Seems fairly obvious, but you have to start with a good, clean slate. If you're a jerk there is no amount of charm you can turn on to get help with a project or free tickets to Big Sky. Ain't gonna happen.

DO FAVORS FOR OTHERS: But don't keep track. I hate those people who bring up stuff they've done for you when they now need something FROM you. Just do the right thing everyday and you'll have a healthy savings account to draw from.

DON'T DRINK WITH YOUR CO-WORKERS: Stop laughing. Yeah, there are few people who enjoy cold beer more than I do but I take this adage pretty seriously. The coolest, smartest people do really stupid s*** when they've had a few shots of tequila. The rest of the crew will NOT forget even if you never hear another word about it. Credibility and trust have now been thrown out the window.

KEEP CANDY IN YOUR DESK: Silly? Perhaps. But I have found that keeping pieces of good chocolate around can turn an entire day around for someone. Works best with female co-workers.

BE NICE TO THE RECEPTIONIST: They know everything. About everybody. Seriously.

I'll have another installment of Office Politics and How To Get What You Want sometime soon. Let me know if you have any good tricks from YOUR office. The list is long and lengthy. -Michelle