How many local businesses can you spot? Bozeman, Missoula, West Yellowstone, Ennis, Big Sky and Yellowstone are all featured in this trip vid from Gretchen Powers.

We've seen work from Gretchen Powers before....she's a professional filmmaker and photographer based out of Portland, Maine.

Her official website is Very cool stuff and this video of our turf is pretty cool. (It's from early 2016).

We hope you guys had a blast, Gretchen. Looks like y'all covered a LOT of ground and made the most of your time here!

According to Gretchen:

(We) took Montana by storm a few weeks ago exploring Bozeman, Big Sky, West Yellowstone, Ennis, Yellowstone National Park, and Missoula.

It was a really awesome opportunity for me to film a little bit here and there capturing our experience just for the fun of it!

No work was allowed on this trip and we had a blast - I hope you enjoy some of the little moments shared in this video and many, many thanks to the kind hearts who housed us, fed us, drank with us and played with us! Enjoy!!

Thanks, Gretchen, for sharing your good time with the rest of us!


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