This event on Sunday sounds like a blast and it's so 'Bozeman', it hurts. Where can you swap some clothing, do a guided meditation and sip champagne? At Sky Oro in Bozeman this Sunday, of course.

So what can we expect at this unusual pairing? There's a lot here and it looks like a really nice chance to meet some new people. New year, new friends? Just so nothing gets lost in translation, this is exactly how the organizers are describing the event on Sunday:

"Vandana will start the morning with a guided meditation aimed at inviting our goals and desires for 2023 as well as saying good bye to those that no longer serve us.

In keeping with sustainable living and a culture of exchange we will then enjoy swapping our gently used clothes and accessories and making new friends in the Bozeman community.

There will be bubbles and some snacks. Treeline coffee and artisanal tea. Feel free to bring freshly baked goodies to share with everyone."

To offset the rental cost of the venue, donations are absolutely welcome. If you'd like to donate in advance, you can find a link and further details at the FB Event Page above.

What is Prana Buzz: "Prana Buzz aims to build community around yoga and art related pop up events."

What is Sky Oro: "SkyOro Women is a collective rooted in Bozeman, MT,
bringing women together to build friendships first and networks second.
Join us & meet your community!"

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Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash

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