The President's Day Plunge is set to go down on Monday February 18th at the East Gallatin Recreation Area (EGRA).  This is an amazing polar plunge event that we have been lucky enough to be a part of for the last 4 years or so.  Watching folks jump into the icy waters of the EGRA pond never gets old! You and your coworkers, family, friends, organization buddies (whoever!) can sign up now to participate. All money raised will go to help Bozeman Special Olympic Athletes with travel and training cost for the Summer Games in Billings this May.

Signing up is easy with these simple steps

1. Sign up your group or yourself at

2. Get some friends and family to pledge for you.  If you tell anyone that you are jumping into ice cold pond water, believe me, people will pony up a few bucks.

3. Show up on plunge day, Noon on Monday February 18th, with your pledge money,  Crazy costumes are not required but are fun and...why wouldn't you dress up to jump into an ice covered pond?

4. Get out of the pond as quick as possible and get into the hot tub that will be provided to WARM UP!

That's it. Easy peasy. And so much fun! Missy O'Malley and I (Chadwick) will be on hand hosting the event, playing music, and having a ball! Come join us! Officer Peggy Ash has been heading the President's Plunge for the last 12 years and with her leadership the event has gotten better and better. Here is an interview Peggy did last year with KBZK.  It is from last year but most the information is the same for this year.

See you there!