Bozeman is a very recycle conscious town. The Environmental Protection Agency found that American's recycle less than half of our daily waste. I would guess that Bozeman is above this average and we can still do even better. If we do increase our recycling, our town will see a $100,000 grant from SC Johnson!

Bozeman is participating in the SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge. This is a nationwide contest of 50 communities aiming to increase household recycling. The community with the highest reported recycling participation will receive the $100,000 grant that will be put towards a local sustainability project.

How to Join the Competition

To help Bozeman win, sign up for a Recyclebank account and report your recycling activity. They even have a smartphone app on iPhones and Android based phones! Recyclebank will even reward individuals based on how much he or she recycles. It's a win win!

Where to Recycle

The recycling bins I frequent in Bozeman are on the map below. Each one accepts cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and newsprint. Let me know in the comments below of any locations I missed.

View Bozeman Reycyling Locations in a larger map

Not only do I think Bozeman can win this I expect us to set a new standard for the other 49 communities involved. I started recycling everything a few months back and it's turned into a sort of hobby. I have four separate bins in my garage for aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and newsprint. I should do another for compost but I haven't progressed that far yet. What are your recycling strategies?


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