We finally got the dartboard hung and I forgot how much I love playing darts.

The garage has now become my favorite place to have a couple beers and kill a couple hours. Our dartboard has been sitting in a storage bin for years and we AT LAST got it hung last weekend.

(I need to grab one or two more appropriate clasps for the top so for now it's flush to the pegboard with nylon cord. Not ideal but it works for now.)

Back in college, my buddies and I much preferred to hang at someone's apartment or house to do our consuming. All of us being broke probably had much to do with that but it was also more chill and comfy.

A LOT OF DARTS WERE THROWN in those days. Countless hours were spent drinking beer, listening to Phish, BS-ing and throwing darts. Needless to say, we all got pretty darned good.

Now, years later, I'm struggling to get my dart groove back but it sure is fun to play again. Our biggest problem is agreeing on what dart game to play. The dude spent his earlier dart years playing some form of "301" whereas I was solely a "Cricket" person. (It also gets cold as hell in the garage but hey...it's winter in Montana. Suck it up, right?)

If you've got the room, I can't encourage you enough to hang a dart board. So many folks are still spending lots of time at home until the COVID-19 vaccine is fully rolled out. Darts are a fun, cheap way to keep you occupied. It's easy and social. Beer or no beer.

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