UPDATE: According to the Bozeman Police Department, "Stevie" the chicken has found a home ... in the county where he is allowed to crow his little heart out.

We're so glad this story has a happy ending.


Did you or someone you know lose a rooster? If so, the Bozeman Police Department is looking for you.

head of surprising hen
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The following was posted Tuesday, December 4 on the Bozeman Police Department Facebook page.

"Animal Control needs your assistance! Believe it or not, a friendly rooster was found this morning by the Gallagator Trail on the south side of town. Animal Control now has him and needs to find his owner. Please call Animal Control at 582-2249 to describe and retrieve your rooster. Rooster shown in photo is not the actual rooster!"

I am happy to live in a place with such outstanding community support. If I ever acquire a rooster and happen to lose it, I can feel a sense of relief knowing that the fine people of Bozeman will take good care of it.

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