Jim Averitt has been in Bozeman a long time but he grew up among the waves of Southern and Central California, toured, traveled & kicked around before settling in our little town.  He is a friend magnet. He is well respected and liked by many, all of Bozeman included. Among his pals are scores of producers, musicians, singer songwriters, actors, actresses & land barons.  You see, life has put Jim in the path of certain interesting people in this life.  He has some great stories, yet eschews dropping names. But when your personal friend of 35 years, Bonnie Raitt, comes to town and you hang out for the day, how do you say that and remain under the radar and low key. I know not.  But Jim does it effortlessly. He is trustworthy, loyal and discreet and that counts in the world of the 'more famous than you or me' crowd.  While we were in the studio, Jim had more calls from around the country and from here in Bozeman than I can count on two hands and that is significant.  Im sure our streaming stats were off the charts this morning. A Facebook post from earlier today puts it in the best terms  'Jim Averitt is not only a wonderful musician, he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.' He is that and so much more- I second, third, fourth and fifth that.  Humble comes with the territory but he is also very witty and playful. He is living his joy. I admire that. We played some of his tracks this morning, some from his most recent effort titled 'Cooking With Love.' ( great title track, the entire album has thoughtful and solid tunes. )  I hope you take some time to listen or pick one up at Cactus Records. Better yet, go see him perform at Ted's Montana Grill some lovely Bozeman evening.


I so appreciated his rich library of music. The playlist from today is pretty stellar.  Know that we have only scratched the surface and Jim will be back again to share the microphone. He has an diverse, interesting and beautiful life songline. I for one, want to hear more. Thank you so much for coming to the studio this morning, Jim. It was great fun and I appreciated your enthusiasm. And thanks to Karen for the Buffalo Chili! So delicious, I could tell it was cooked with love!


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I believe Aj Scaff, a singer songwriter/artist from Livingston will be in the studio next Sunday.... another delicious 'Sit in Sunday Brunch.' till then- make it great.

Today's Playlist ::

Joni Mitchell- Cary- Hits and Misses

Johnny Cash – Hurt- American IV

Alan Thornhill- Southbound Train- Sitting Out The Rain

Alan Thornhill- Time Tide and the Tears- Sitting Out The Rain

Bonnie Raitt-My Opening Farewell- Road Tested

Lauren Grean-From the Beginning- Spinning Gold

John McEwen- Keep In Walking- Acoustic Traveler

Crosby & Nash- Lay Me Down- Lay Me Down

Kelly Joe Phelps- Tommy- Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind

Christopher Cross- Jan’s Tune- Songwriters Compilation

Margo Valiante- First Born Son- I Can’t Pray

Shawn Watkins- Let it Fall- Let it Fall

Jim Averitt- Say You Love Me- Cooking With Love

Josh Ritter- Best for the Best- The Animal Years

Alan Thornhill- Song of the Nightingale- Silver Morning

Duke Sharp- Fires of Spring- In the Moonlight

Jackson Browne- Weight of the World- Keeping the Light Alive

The Refugees with Kenny Edwards- Compass Point- Keep the Light Alive

CPR- Little Blind Fish- CPR ( Crosby, Pevar & Raymond)

Jim Averitt- Sirocco- Sirocco

Chris Cunningham & Kathi Mayers- Still March Morning- (demo)

Chris Whitley- Look What Love Has Done- Living With the Law

Eva Cassidy- American Tune- American Tune

Alan Thornhill- Sweet Reality- Guitarpenter’s Dream

Martin Sexton- Hard Times- cassette tape demo

Susan Werner- Much At All- Last of the Good Straight Girls

Colin McGrath- Squirrels- Window Seat

James Taylor- Seminole Wind- Covers

David Lindley- 7/8 Suite II- Big Twang

Eric Clapton- Lonely Stranger- unplugged

Loggins & Messina- Watching the River Run- Sittin’ In Again at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Jim Messina- Whispering Waters- Watching the River Run

Jim Messina- Mexican Minutes- Watching the River

Neil Young- Love is a Rose- live bootleg

Jayson Rowley- Take it All In- Walk the World

Jim Averitt- I Can’t Wait Wait Till Saturday Night- Cooking With Love





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