I just returned from another visit to my home state of Connecticut and although I love going back there to visit, I missed Montana (the one I now proudly call home). How about another reason why I love this place? Let me first begin with a disclaimer to my mother.

I once proclaimed my love for Montana on this very website, after returning from a visit to Connecticut, and got into a little hot water with mom. I believe she said something to me afterwards along the lines of "do you hate Connecticut that much? Did you not have a good childhood?" So let me first say that I had an amazingly loving mother who moved her only child into a great neighborhood where he met tons of friends with whom he shared memories that he still cherishes to this day. Wouldn't have changed a thing...seriously!

Having said that, the adult me feels extremely blessed to visit CT for various reasons. I think the main reason being, where I now get to live. Gallatin County is an amazing place for all of its wondrous beauty. It's natural beauty is heightened by the beauty of its occupants. I've been to a lot of places and believe me, this is a rare existence. I just realized that we don't have any gimmicks here. Most places need to sort  of trick you into thinking you're part of something special. Here, we're all kind of protecting that secret.

I listened to a lot of FM radio in Connecticut over the last several days. Working in the industry, I kept an analytical ear to as many local stations as I could. I kept it on one particular alternative rock station a lot because I liked the music. What I didn't like, however, was the talk in between.

The mid-day guy's name on this particular station was something like Razor or Laser and during most breaks he would broach a topic of discussion (usually pertaining to a national news subject) that he wanted his listeners to comment on using facebook. I realize facebook's value and power and the fact that it can't be ignored, but this was too much. It was more about general opinion than it was about local content.

This got me thinking. The Moose is able to keep things so local because we are a product of the community. I really started to realize and appreciate the community pride we have here (an endangered species nowadays). Where I'm from, there is no regular live music on the streets in the summer, no local christmas strolls, no pep rallys, and not nearly as many festivals or parades (certainly none as uniqe to the town). Before I piss off mom again, I'm gonna leave it at that. To everyone who lives in the beautiful state of Montana, treasure the gift you have been given!