There is so much going on out there. It's been a very full week or two. How are you handling it? How are you sharing what is going on with your kids, family & friends?


We have watched as a mega earthquake crushed the thriving country & culture in Japan followed by a Tsunami that nearly drown it, a Nuclear Power Plant meltdown x4 with much much more life changing trouble to come on that front and the beginnings of yet another War in the Middle East. And that is just the start of it.  Sun flares and Super Moons aside,  aren't Aliens supposed to come down here soon and save us from ourselves? There was a video of something like that over the Dome of the Rock posted on the front page of for over a week. They don't seem to be working as hard at hiding from us lately- that is for sure.

Other than all of the questions I have dancing in my head, I know Im not the only one thinking of survival kits & heirloom seeds. 


Just received an out of state call while in the Moose Studio this morning from a guy thinking he was calling a 'house for sale by owner' number in BFE, MT.  I don't blame him, Montana does feel like the safest place one could be at the moment.  Perhaps Justin Timberlake agrees, he has been spending quite a bit of time at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky lately. Perhaps that is the answer- WWJTD? uh... no... don't think so.


Kevin Moriarty pulls nights here- he is Mr. Worst Case Scenario. He studies these things and prepares. Mostly, I have a good laugh with him over his fastidiousness and planned 'landing a plane in distress skills' meanwhile recalling visions of the Ant and the Grasshopper - knowing he is the Ant in this scenario. I think I'll find him and his family if all goes south- hear that Kevin & Heather? Ill bring the cookies. But then there are so many prepared people around here, there are the Survivalists, the  hunters and then the gritty outdoorsy Army Ranger types with hoarded garages ( yes, plural) full of survival gear.  Yes, they are skilled, but the latter rather challenging to be around for any length of time.  So, that is hardly an option, any ideas? Anyone?

Well,  perhaps the  place to be  isnt Montana at all- what if its with Peter Jackson


and his clan of singing Dwarfs, Hobbits and such as they film 'The Hobbit' in a closed set in New Zealand? ( I think they may be very well taken care of) It's a lovely mountainous place- yet,  a bunch of Actors playing Warriors? Are there any tough stunt doubles around that place? Lets hope so. Although, in talking with several women around,  suffering through the end of the world with that Briton Richard Armitage would lessen the pain... just a little bit.  I mean, he acts a mighty fine warrior  and could quite possibly talk himself or anyone else out of anything with that voice alone. As well,  there is the fact  that New Zealand is in the 'Ring of Fire' and is  still recovering from their own building crushing earthquake that happened in late February taking over 60 lives from our friends the Kiwis.

Personally, seriously and more realistically, while being concerned for all that have been so severely and recently affected in Japan & New Zealand  the devastation is  incomprehensible- the emotions raw and nearing numb.  I am still concerned for California and friends & family that live there.  Earthquakes have made their way entirely around the Pacific Rim and so far, California has been left untouched. I've called family in SF and asked that they make contact if anything happens- we made a plan. No matter what does or doesnt happen- touch base people- make contact and make plans.  Put your networks in place, and get those kits together.

Just in case the Aliens don't make it, of course.


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