Ladies, if you think that the new Healthcare bill (Obamacare) will protect your reproductive rights, your family and your business- think again. Educate yourselves. Read the bill. The 'Right' may be talking like they are out of the 1950's but the 'Left' has laid out the stepping stones to hell. It's that terrifying. Read the bill. Seriously. I dont think many people even have a clue of how scary this thing is. And in pointing fingers and yelling at the 'Right'- ignore the 'Left' coming in for a blitz. The Healthcare bill takes us back to way way way before the 1950's. War on Women, War on America? uh... from both sides, people. I dont want either of them or their parties. :/ The End. That is all the 'political' you will get out of me, for now. Make it a great week, I will see you next Sunday 9am-noon at and locally at 95-1 FM. A good ride it will be. :) L.