There will always be people out there who try to pull you down, slow you down and downright insult who you are for the silliest of reasons.  What about the ones who kick you- and kick you hard- while you are down? There will always be someone out there judging who you are and what you stand for, always.  It's usually based on limited information.  Thing is, there will always be mean girls. It seems there might be more of those than the ones who inspire, lift you up & bring energy and enthusiasm to the party. The inspiring ones are golden light walking compared to the black hole of the mean girl. Perhaps it might just be that we are a mix of all of these and we choose to be on the positive end of the spectrum or on the negative.  It's a choice we make.  We can be a leader and refuse to play along with anything less than the sharing of our best behavior.  Others DO notice this action and follow suit. Watch, if you don't believe me.  When someone stands up and speaks their mind and refuses a negative take on something or someone- it drains the black hole and leaves goodness and opportunity in its place.  That action takes the power back and opens doors and windows rather than narrowing up one's experience, mind and life. Case in point, one of my best friends, one whom I suspect I will have till the day I die and perhaps one of the best true friends I have ever had the good fortune to have, was someone I had harshly judged several years ago -based on false early information given to me by someone being highly negative and nasty. What a mistake  - and how glad I am that I chose to let all of the old preconceptions fly out the window. I got curious and looked for understanding- consciously chose to live on the positive end of the spectrum.  Interesting how the one who was nasty is completely gone and the one falsely accused is an amazing friend I'm proud and lucky to know.

Be curious, seek understanding and have an open heart.

With heart, L.