COVID Vaccine: My Dad’s Experience
While my Dad is not famous enough to get a shot on national TV, I thought it would be helpful to others who are awaiting their shots, to share his (our) experience here in Gallatin County, Montana.
Hilarious Ways to Hold A Baby [VIDEO]
This instructional video might come in more handy for the dads out there. Learn such baby holds as the "Hide Ya Beer Belly" and "The Show Off To The Other Dads Superman". All you need is a baby. Enjoy.
Back To (A Whole New Lovely) Reality
I spent the last two weeks at home in my bath robe. It was, by far, the most worthwhile vacation time I've ever taken. I'm now back at work following paternity leave beaming with something. It's extreme joy and pride. This new life rejuvenates inside of you. You can feel it, and it, m…
Introducing, Jack Wolfe
It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I'm very fond of my father, Jack Wolfe. Not because I'm supposed to by law but because he's truly one of the coolest, smartest and most patient people I know.