It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I'm very fond of my father, Jack Wolfe. Not because I'm supposed to by law but because he's truly one of the coolest, smartest and most patient people I know.My father is the first person I see every morning because before I come to work I walk to his house and we have a cup of coffee together. A good cup of coffee. French press and everything. We watch some news, talk about whatever may be happening that day in our worlds.

He's the kind of guy who is ALWAYS going to tell me how it is, even when I'm not particularly fond of his take on a situation. He's given me over the years the ability to be quiet for a moment before I respond to a question. (He never seems to need that moment before HE responds, but I guess after all those years you're pretty sure about your feelings on stuff.)

Anyway, my father is going to be a contributor to this site. I have no idea what he'll contribute but I'd bet that the topics could range from his favorite fly pattern, to his favorite whiskey or tequila to where he was on location for NBC in 1968. Or maybe he'll write about that time I got busted for M.I.P. Who knows. However, I'm quite sure that you and I will both enjoy finding out. -Michelle


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