TUESDAY: Montana’s Worst Air Quality Locations
The heat and the haze continue for the entire state of Montana this week. Air Quality Index numbers certainly fluctuate but at this point we're fluctuating between levels of 'bad'. Where are the hot spots today for poor air quality?
WINGS Radiothon: Support Cancer Patients in Montana
Our friends at Bee Broadcasting and KJJR Radio in Kalispell just kicked off the 23rd annual radiothon to help raise money for cancer patients in Northwest Montana. It started at 7AM Thursday morning, and continues through Friday night. If you're in Kalispell- stop by the Sportsman Ski Haus. If …
Kalispell Really is Bozeman’s Twin City [WATCH]
Bozeman has a higher percentage of males, a younger population and a slightly higher median household income than Kalispell. But if you look at pictures and videos we post of the two cities, you'll see why Kalispell is really our twin city.

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