madison river

Great Bouldering Around Bozeman [WATCH]
We've seen this crew (we think) while driving down the canyon to Big Sky! There are lots of easy to find bouldering spots in the Bozeman area. Kristopher Zigich and his friends take us along for a quick tour.
Epic Montana Makes Montana Look Completely Epic
love the Madison River for many reasons. I learned to fish there. Growing up, I spent every summer with my family south of Cameron. But THESE guys at Epic Montana make the Madison River look like absolute Nirvana. With a lot of laughs.
Northern Lights Trading Co. Can Make Your Summer
Even though I was trying to look like I knew what I was doing, I went on my first river-kayaking adventure over the weekend. I want to thank Northern Lights Trading Co. for their guidance and gear. My summer is now off to a pretty sweet start!

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