wild joe's

Help Catch A Bike Thief!
Be on the lookout for this cool red bike which was STOLEN from the back room at Wild Joe's Coffee House in downtown Bozeman. It's pretty distinct so hopefully someone will spot it.
It Was A Disco In My Head
Prior to last night I had no idea what a silent disco was. I'm glad I went to Wild Joe's in downtown Bozeman to find out first hand. First off, for those of you who don't know what a Silent Disco is, here's Wikipedia with more:
Avalaunch Has Launched
I forgot how awesome it is to get only 4 hours of sleep. At least I didn't drink too much. Anyway the Avalaunch Festival 2010 has officially begun and The MOOSE kicked off the festivities at the Bike and Ski Lounge last night. Great vibe, great people, great beer from Bayern and a great start t…
Bohart Ranch
Good Morning...I had to start my morning off with a coffee at Wild Joe's in downtown Bozeman. I wanted to see how the Avalaunch Lounge was coming along. The Avalaunch Bike & Ski Lounge will officially be unveiled tonight, officially kicking off the 2010 Avalaunch Festival. Th...