Good Morning...I had to start my morning off with a coffee at Wild Joe's in downtown Bozeman. I wanted to see how the Avalaunch Lounge was coming along. The Avalaunch Bike & Ski Lounge will officially be unveiled tonight, officially kicking off the 2010 Avalaunch Festival. This is a three day festival  happening at various venues in Bozeman. It's a cool, educational, fun event (or string of events) that will promote safety as we celebrate the start of another winter season.

The Avalaunch Lounge looks like it's ready to go tonight. Wild Joe's have opened up the back of their establishment for the cause and I didn't realize they had as much room as they do back there. It looks like a proper extreme ski lounge, very rad! Whoever painted the wall did a fantastic job. The Lounge will be jammin tonight from 8:00-10:30 with DJ Jason Root. There's plenty going on tomorrow too, with some classroom discussion and a backcountry panel at the C'mon Inn. I'm looking forward to seeing "Eye Trip', what's sure to be a cool ski documentary from Level 1 Productions (Procrastinator Theater). There will also be a Helly Hanson Fashion Show at Plonk tomorrow night, as well as live entertainment at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge. Then, of course, downtown Bozeman will be electric on Saturday night. The Pray for Snow Party will feature music from Black Mask and Blackalicious, followed by more live entertainment at the Zebra.

Go to for a full schedule of events and tickets. You can also get your tickets in downtown Bozeman at Helly Hanson or Cactus Records. So looking forward to this.....again Avalaunch will kick off tonight at Wild Joe's. See ya there!

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