The Taylor Planetarium will open back up to the public this Saturday, since closing its doors last September to remodel. According to administrators at MSU's Museum of the Rockies, the newly remodeled planetarium will offer world-class experiences and new educational opportunities to its visitors:

The Taylor Planetarium first opened in 1989 with a Digistar 2 projection system, which consists of 100 projectors and 8 speakers. The system is unable to play the high-definition digital shows that administrators would like, and some of the information in their current shows is now outdated.

The new $1.5-million upgrade promises a cutting-edge experience, allowing the planetarium to offer accurate science, high-definition shows with digital surround sound, and a whole new look. Planetarium manager J. Eric Loberg said the viewing opportunities at the new Taylor Planetarium are surpassed by only two planetariums in the world (Adler Planetarium in Chicago and the planetarium located in the Hong Kong Space Museum).

The planetarium will look different because of new carpeting, LED lighting around the edge of the dome, and 110 new seats, which are blue and gold and individually molded according to their location in the planetarium. In addition to entertaining visitors, the newly remodeled planetarium will reportedly increase educational opportunities as well.