Since becoming parents, my wife and I have seriously been contemplating the death of our smartphones. I recently came across a blog called "Hands Free Mama" that has now solidified that decision. The blog is written by a mother of two who has discovered the power of living "hands free". In freeing herself of today's devices, she is more connected with her children and no longer sends them the message that they aren't important:

There is a blog post from 2012 that I think every parent should read. "How to Miss a Childhood" was inspired by a women who reached out to Rachel, the author. The woman, who had 35 years experience as a day care provider, included "heart-breaking observations from children themselves about their parents' excessive phone use." It really was heartbreaking to read this account while realizing that my wife and I are guilty of some of these. I am only grateful that my eyes have been opened prior to my daughter's second birthday. I vow to not fall victim to the technological distractions placed upon our society from here on out...for her. Please read "How to Miss a Childhood" and share.

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