I'm sure the time will soon come when sending my child BACK to school will be liberating in some way. As it stands, next week will be the first time my wife and I are relinquishing our supervision for our baby when she enters preschool....and we're terrified.

Here are some things that I know in my heart: Letting go and setting your child free is healthy. It establishes confidence and trust. There will be many stages of doing so as a parent. My daughter is smart. She will thrive in so many ways at school. This is good for her.

None of the above changes the fact that I am scared because I can no longer be by her side to protect her from little bullies or disrespectful actions (or teach her not to do the same). Sending her off to school means I can't be an arms-length away for an instant hug that she may need. She's only 3 years old!! This will get easier but the next few weeks (at the very least) will be very hard. I am taking comfort in knowing that this will be much harder on my wife and I. My little girl already has so much confidence and will have no problem with us leaving her. Please disregard the crying dad in the corner of the preschool classroom on the first day.

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