I recently came across a funny list of '25 Ways To Annoy A Toddler.' A lot of them certainly apply to my 3-year-old, but I have more to add. Raising a toddler can be like hanging out with a pint-sized terrorist at times. Sometimes just the wrong facial expression can land you in hot water.

Here are just some of the rules to follow in our house if we want to keep our 3-year-old daughter happy:

  • Do Not Join Her In Song Unless Instructed To Do So
  • Do Not Dance Unless Instructed To Do So
  • Do Not Help Her or Try To Teach Her Anything (Unless Instructed of course)
  • Do Not Ask Her (even politely) To Sit Back Down And Eat Her Food
  • Do Not Attempt To Dress Her or Even Suggest An Outfit (Ever)
  • Do Not Remix Songs She Knows
  • If She Asks You If You're Happy, The Only Acceptable Answer Is 'Yes' And You MUST Be Smiling When You Say It
  • Do Not Suggest A Bath
  • Do Not Ask Her Anything If She Is Doing A Puzzle

Check out the list from Scary Mommy at scarymommy.com/25-ways-to-annoy-a-toddler/

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