We've been hearing about 'Ted 2' since...well, since the first 'Ted' became a box-office sensation and made $550 million worldwide. But, since then, we've had precious little in the way of actual updates. Sure, everyone - including star Mark Wahlberg and writer/director Seth MacFarlane - want it to happen, but would it actually happen? MacFarlane took to Twitter and let everyone know that it is happening and exactly when you'll be able to see it.

Many weren't sure if the director, fond of messing with people on Twitter, was joking, but we confirmed with Universal that 'Ted 2' is currently slated for an April 2015 release date. (Passover begins on Friday, April 3, so we'll guess that's the current release date.) Wahlberg has previously said that he was planning to do 'Transformers 4' first and then move right into 'Ted 2' afterward. 'Transformers 4' is midway through shooting, which could mean that 'Ted 2' could begin production in early 2014.

MacFarlane is currently editing his 'Ted' follow-up, the comedy-Western 'A Million Days to Die in the West' with Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson and Neil Patrick Harris. Once this film wraps, he'll likely move directly into 'Ted 2' to make sure the animation can be complete by the spring 2015 release date.

So, are you excited for 'Ted 2'? We'll admit to not loving 'Ted' much the first time around, but perhaps the schtick will grow on us by the time 'Ted 2' hits theaters in 2015?

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