People have been asking me what they should bring to this year's Spruce Moose Festival at Big Sky Resort over Labor Day weekend. I even had someone ask if it was a good idea to bring Mardi Gras beads, considering the fact that modern New Orleans jam band Galactic is performing. Not a bad idea, just keep in mind that the main thing you'll need at a Galactic show is your dancing shoes! Here's why:

Galactic is not your dad's New Orleans band. They are pioneering a whole new funky sound from the port of southeastern Louisiana, while staying true to their roots. A unique combination culminated from the most unique city in America. The five-man group attributes this sound to their many influences, which is everything from jazz to hip hop, funk, brass band, electronic, world, rock and blues. It all adds up to something that will get most humans off their feet and involuntarily responding!

Galactic plays an annual Lundi Gras show in New Orleans that stretches into Mardi Gras. They are used to playing from night until dawn, so get ready to dance for AWHILE when Galactic hit Big Sky! Chali 2na will also be performing at the 2013 Spruce Moose Festival, who is no stranger to sharing a stage with either headliner this year (both Galactic and Ozomatli). Let's hope that onstage collaboration happens again. Let this video serve as an example why. Here's Galactic performing Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" (in true Galactic fashion). Chali 2na helps them out at 3:25:

2013 Spruce Moose Festival: Featuring Ozomatli, Galactic and Chali 2na, Friday August 30th and Saturday August 31st, at Big Sky Resort. Tickets available at Cactus Records and Online