I'm embarrassed to admit that this is my garage. Before anyone books me on Hoarders, just know that I desperately want to sell most of this stuff. I plan on having a garage sale at some point this year and if it weren't for my current employment at Townsquare Media, I totally would be a seller at this year's Super Garage Sale. Radio = power, unless you are employed by a radio station and wish to use that power for your own gain. Alas, if you are a borderline hoarder, like myself, turn this picture into cash while clearing out your garage and mind! Register now:

I'm pretty sure I could conservatively get $500 for what I am willing to part with in my garage. Advertising is key when it comes to a garage sale (or with retail in general). You need consumers. That's where we come in! First off, this year's Super Garage Sale will allow you, the seller, minimal work. You don't have to haul all of your stuff to a location. You just have to throw a garage sale, from your own driveway, on Saturday, May 18, 2013. Townsquare Media, and our top 5 radio stations, will then take garage sale advertising to a new level.

We're devising a Super interactive map of sellers, which will list sale items (along with pictures and a description). On Saturday, May 18 the Townsquare staff will be working for you! We're gonna be broadcasting live from different garage sales, letting listeners know what is out there and where they can find it. There will also be signs you can print to have on display and more.

So the question is, what would you do with an extra $500? I probably would buy a 2013/2014 season ski pass or a new laptop (I could use both). Registration is $50 (half of which will go as an in-kind donation to Warriors & Quiet Waters). Extra money, extra space and a donation to the heroes of this country...That's a lot of incentive for one Saturday!

Super Garage Sale Saturday May 18th, All of Bozeman, Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery
Eventbrite - Bozeman Super Garage Sale


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