Several credit and debit card data breaches have been raising eyebrows in national headlines lately. Apparently, debit card information is the easiest for hackers to obtain. Here are the four riskiest places (all of which are common) to use a debit card:

Here are the Top 4 Riskiest Places to Swipe Your Debit Card, according to ABC News:

  1. Outdoor ATMs - Don't use an ATM if it is outdoors and out of the way. Thieves may have implemented a fake card reader, which copies the information on your card. A spy camera usually accompanies that to record you entering your PIN.
  2. Gas Pumps - Same trick (see above), but it's even easier because so many gas stations are unattended at night. Some owners have to check their pumps every morning because they get hit so often.
  3. Online Stores - Always use credit online. Credit cards have much better fraud protection. Thieves can get information from your computer using malware, hack into your wireless network, or steal info right from the merchant.
  4. Restaurants - Every time you use plastic to pay at a restuarant, a stranger takes your card out of sight for several minutes. They, or someone else, could easily obtain your information.



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