'The Avengers' hit Blu-ray this week, and with it - for those who have the Blu-ray - there's a second screen app that allows you to look at all sorts of additional material on your laptop or iPad. One of the secrets revealed is early concept art for the bad guy Thanos. Take a look.

Like any big production - as we've seen before - it took a while for Joss Whedon and company to find the right look for our mysterious bad guy, even with the comic books as inspiration. But as we've seen repeatedly with comic book movies, what looks best in a comic isn't always best for a big screen adaptation.

The differences here are noticeable, but it became about finessing the character so this isn't as radical as - say - the early drawings for Yoda, but you can still see the difference. The character should have a presence in 'The Avengers 2,' and perhaps  ‘Guardian of the Galaxy,’ and he could also make appearances in 'Thor: The Dark World,' and 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier.' Heck, Thanos could become the new Nick Fury of post-credit sequences. Because of his brief appearance in 'The Avengers' we could also see a slightly modified design, and possibly a new actor take on the part. Thanks to Movies.com for the stills.