I've had a few frozen pizzas in my life. Most of them are pathetic excuses for what you really crave, but recently I've discovered a frozen pizza which has earned the title of "The Best Frozen Pizza Michelle Wolfe Has Ever Had".

Freschetta brand touts themselves on TV as being reasonably upper-class frozen pizza. Whatever that means. But even though I've tried about every pepperoni and four cheese pizza on the market....Freshetta has done something different with a line of California Style frozen pizzas: Made them not suck.

I like non-traditional pizzas so I gave Freschetta's Mediterranean Garlic Veggie frozen pizza a shot (because it was on sale.) IT IS THE BEST FROZEN PIZZA I'VE EVER HAD.

Try this - You won't be sorry
Try this - You won't be sorry

It's thin crust, full of "exotic" things for a frozen pizza like real garlic and kalamata olives, crisps up very nicely and quite frankly rivals many pizza joints I've been to over the years.

So now you know. Give it a shot. A frozen pizza won't change your life, but a GOOD frozen pizza can make a busy (or lazy) night MUCH better. -Michelle

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