The scene was tense. Hundreds stood staring across the field at each other. Surrounded by flags and banners, they eagerly awaited the order to charge. A minute passed like an eternity.

Suddenly, the count down began. 10...9...8... They leaned forward to sprint armed with baskets and their bare hands. 7...6...5...4... The mass of people chanted the count down. 3...2...1...

In a fury of air horns and shouting, the kids charged into the field to snag their fill of Easter eggs. There were casualties. A mom tripped and fell. A boy did a spinning hurtle on to the ground when a kid stopped suddenly in front of him.

It seemed to end as quickly as it started. Slowly, the kids filtered off filled with smiles and their baskets filled with eggs.

Journey Church's Easter egg hunt was a massive success.

On Saturday, a sea of parents and their children gathered at MSU's practice fields to play games, jump on bouncy castles and charge a giant field littered with Easter eggs.

Most of the eggs were filled with candy, but a small selection also included "grand prizes." The hunt was divided into two age groups, zero to four and five to thirteen, with grand prize eggs in both.

In the end, the kids cracked open their eggs with smiles and laughter.

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