We now know the most commonly used emoji in Montana state. Are you at all curious? Read on!

First, before we go any further, let's get this out of the way....Vermont uses the POOP icon more than anyone else. So, there's that. Moving on...

Check out this map courtesy of SwiftKey, and android third-party keyboard that apparently is able to track what emoji's are used the most in each state specifically. Here's some interesting takeaways:

1. Many of the ones used make perfect sense. Hawaii types the surfer one a lot. New York is using the Statue of Liberty quite a bit, and Alabama uses the elephant, that's the University of Alabama mascot, in case you were not aware.

2. Missouri uses the baseball emoji more than any other state, mostly due to the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals being the top two teams in baseball.

3. Nevada is all about the EGGPLANT, interesting considering that it's often used for male, er, parts. Maybe that's a good fit? Although Minnesota uses the PEACH, which some use for a BUTT. Not the best fit for that state, unless they really are fans of actual peaches.

4. Then there's Montana, where we use a fish and fishing pole. Because? Well, because...Montana!

Check out the map of most used emoji's by state here.

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