I'm a huge fan of Girl Scout cookies. I buy the popcorn when a Boy Scout shows up at my door, but only to donate. The Girl Scouts get more money because of the unbelievable product they have (I don't like popcorn, sorry Boy Scouts of America). I'm a little pumped to try a new cookie this season when the Girl Scouts unveil Savannah Smiles!

The Girl Scouts will celebrate its 100th anniversary with the release of a new cookie, called "Savannah Smiles". Apparently it's a bite-sized lemon wedge cookie dusted in powdered sugar (I think I smell another home run from the girls here). The cookie is named after the hometown of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low.

This year's cookie season is about a month away. Check out the Girls Scouts website to find the council nearest you, and also exactly when your cookie season begins!

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