That's right, mighty warriors. The MOOSE Easter Keg has been found as of Wednesday night. Who found it? My heroes...a group of men who skipped class all day at MSU to hunt for the MOOSE Easter Keg. And won.

MOOSE Easter Keg 2011 Winners

Meet Eric, Cornelius, Nick and Ryan.


They found The MOOSE Easter Keg inside a huge bush at the Erwin Bridge Fishing Access on Amsterdam Road (hey, it's 4/20 right?) We were pretty amazed that they found the MOOSE Easter Keg so quickly but apparently when you skip class all day, you've got plenty of time to listen to the radio and mess around on Facebook and Twitter.


These guys will now have their summer beer needs taken care of courtesy of Shock Top and Landshark Lager beer. They will get three cases of beer a month for SIX MONTHS.

Thank you to all who searched for our hidden keg this year. Hopefully you'll join us again next year. We might have these guys hide it for us as they seem to possess such high Easter Keg IQ.

All the best....and HAPPY EASTER from all of us at 95-1 The MOOSE!

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