After a 'real' Montana winter filled with proper snow storms and long-lasting snow berms, NOW is the time we get to discover what treasures have been buried beneath the freeze on our lawns and backyards.

Call it what you want: Mud season. Dirty season. Melty-yucky-what-the-hell-is-that-on-the-grass season. Just about all of us are in the process of discovering trash, toys, and other weird stuff on our property as the snow recedes.

Personally, we found: a few cans of booze, a .44 bullet (no clue), a gold ring of mine that I lost during a party, and half a stuffed raccoon toy. Oh, and yesterday I discovered the missing lid to my neighbor's mailbox that was destroyed by a snowplow.

For those with pets, dog poo is a springtime discovery staple. Ew. OTHER THAN THAT GROSS STUFF....what did you find in YOUR yard this season? I asked several friends what they've discovered so far and the answers were interesting to say the least.

  • "We had cleaned up the garage right before the first big storm last fall, and somehow we just found half of a cat litter box that we were going to throw away."
  • "No idea how this didn't blow away completely, but I found a copy of my tax return from last year? It must have blown out of my car or something but thank god it stayed on my property."
  • "My kid's favorite blankie. It went "missing". Apparently he left it half under the back deck. I actually washed it a bunch and surprised her with it. Hero Mom status." (Man, I wish I had a picture of that thing....)
  • "Found a $20 bill plastered to the lower part of the fence. Score!"
  • "Not one, but THREE usb cords. I have no idea how we left THREE of them outside."
  • "A whole lot of McDonald's trash...but we live right by the Main Street McDonalds so that's nothing unusual."
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