It's hard enough getting to work at 5 a.m. without going out the night before and enjoying a few adult beverages. If you have to be at work at 5 a.m., DON'T DO THIS! Even if it is St. Patrick's Day and you have a little Irish in you. Last night was fun but today, not so much.

I went to the Bacchus with my wife and some friends and as expected it was a pretty full house. St. Patrick's Day, and especially night, can turn into amateur night at the Apollo real quick but I didn't come across any obnoxiousness, which was kind of nice.

Actually I can't lie, I might have shown flashes of obnoxiousness. I should probably take this opportunity to apologize to the kid who I I.D.'d last night. As I said it was pretty crowded and the spot we wound up in was against the wall, right in front of the entrance. At one point it seemed appropriate to play bouncer and ask some dude who was coming in for his I.D.

This was how it went down:

I asked this guy,who was clearly over 21, for his I.D. 

Guy: "You need my I.D.?"

Me: "Yeah, it's St. Patrick's Day guy"

Guy shuffles around in his wallet for awhile before eventually giving me an extremely valid (brand new) I.D. I look at it for an uncomfortably long period of time before tapping my friend behind me and handing it off to him. This is my best friend in the world who has known me the longest and knows exactly what's going on, without so much as a glance from me. He looks at it for another uncomfortable 10 seconds, looks at him and then back at me before giving me the mafioso head nod.

While my friend is examing his I.D., guy says to me, "what's going on? what's so shady about my I.D.?" I hold up a finger, wait for the nod and then hand him back his I.D. Guy mumbles in confusion to his friend as they walk away. By the way, I totally meant to buy that guy a drink later and explain my obnoxiousness but I never saw him again.

The guiness and laughs were flowing last night but today at works feels like fight club went a little late last night. Thank God for coffee and the fact that I like my job!