No, we are not talking about our friend with a memorable laugh and lives in a playhouse. We are talking about a product from Cleanwaste that shares the same name. The Pee-Wee is a unisex, portable, biodegradable urine bladder. The makers suggest storing a Pee-Wee in every glove box, backpack, and anywhere else you might wind up in a pinch. Still not convinced you need one? Watch the humorous promotional video along with it's clever jingle inside.

A quick verse of the Pee Wee jingle:

If you've gotta go then go,

just zip it up and let it flow

with Pee Wee, Yeah Pee Wee

Peeeeeeweeeeeeee to the rescue

Peeeeeeweeeeeeee to the rescue

You can even get a free sample of the product by just sending them shipping and handling.

Free sample here

Watch the video: