It's not often you get to actually see the reason why you always carry bear spray when you're in the woods around Yellowstone. This is the exception. A camera crew captured the moment when a grizzly rushed a man who fortunately had bear spray deployed.

Here's part of the backstory on what happened from the YouTube description of this share:

A three-person film crew from Visionhawk Films went to the Paradise Valley, Montana 20 miles from Yellowstone National Park with bear expert Casey Anderson to film him for an interview. While filming was taking place with Casey, a sow and her cub appeared.

This encountered all occurred within a :15 second time frame. If you look up any information on Wyoming bear safety, you'll learn that it's always extra dangerous when you come across the path of a mama bear and her cub. The fact that the cub fell behind her was a bad sign for this camera crew since it's obvious she felt threatened because of this.

Wyoming Game and Fish has a very helpful guide on how to use bear spray. Distance is key.

So many things about this encounter could have gone tragically wrong. But, this team was bear aware and prepared. That's a good thing to be in Yellowstone or any of the wild areas of Wyoming.

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