I know that because I lived there. Right next to the grey water tower. We lived in Siberia. Trooper Trail was an actual trail, certainly not a paved road to multi-million dollar homes tucked behind the hills. Take a look at what's up there these days...

This is NOT one of those bashing Bozeman's high cost of living things. These houses have been built for quite a while and they've always been expensive. They didn't just pop up overnight. They were custom built for rich people and not disguised as any form of affordable housing, that's for certain.

It's simply interesting to see growth in a hidden, tucked away, rural area in Bozeman. Very few people have even been up Trooper Trail. Unless you or someone you know lives there, there's no point. Some folks use it as a running 'trail'.

But that house circled in red truly was the ONLY house up there back in the day. (The 2nd picture, larger view, the same house is circled in yellow.)

In the early 90s, Trooper Trail was a dirt road that quietly ramped off of Sourdough, up the hill, around the fence of the ugly water tower to my house. Then it went beyond for a few miles as a fire access road (or at least that's what the sign said at the time.)

Google Maps
Google Maps

Further south, Triple Tree certainly did not exist at the time. Perhaps it was in development but it wasn't a reality yet. (Again, I'm referencing the early 90s.)

Did you ever live in a place that was 'lonely', in the middle of nowhere and now is surrounded by other homes, businesses or other things?

BTW - Google Maps and Street View will let you 'go back in time' for older screen grabs. Super interesting when you want to look up businesses or homes that aren't there anymore. WE DID THAT WITH OLD BOZEMAN BUILDINGS THAT ARE NO LONGER...

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