Ah...sketchy motels or upscale condos? Big, new bank buildings or empty fields? The never ending battle for Bozeman's soul reignites every time something new emerges.

The old Blue Sky Motel. In 2013, what wasn't already torn down caught fire and burned down. At 1010 East Main Street, the site is now home to the Park Place Condos. (2 bed, 2 bath unit sold for well over $500k at the end of 2019).

Bozeman Blue Sky Motel - Google street view

Remember when part of the Continental Motor Inn blew up from a meth lab in one of the rooms? I do. The new, modern, locally owned Heeb's Fresh Market is much better and there's nobody who will convince me otherwise. I don't care how expensive their frozen pizzas are..

Bozeman Continental Motor Inn - Google street view

(Main and Grand will always be Yogurt Heaven in my heart, but...) Remember 18 Miles to the Border? Great patio area. And it's own parking.

Bozeman 18 Miles to the Border - Google street view

The Best Western City Center Motor Inn/Black Angus Steak House. (507 West Main) I used to love having a couple beers and gambling at the casino in the Black Angus. They also used to have a decent burger lunch deal that we'd grab every so often.

Bozeman City Center Motor Inn Black Angus - Google street view

The old JC Billion at 19th and Main. What a piece of real estate, eh? And that architecture...

Bozeman Old Billion Building - Google street view