It's here and officially begins today- mind you I wouldn't miss Saturday at the Emerson if I were you. That being said, let me tell you why, if it has to do with the world of Ice Climbing- Bozeman is the epicenter in the entire world this weekend. International World Cup Ice Climbers and celebs are making their way here for some fun competition on a tricked out custom built Ice Climbing structure made for the event. Click here to learn more about what is happening in our own back yard. If you have ever been remotely interested in Ice Climbing or climbing in general- get thee to an event this weekend.

There is so much going on- you may want to check out their web site for details, cool info and the schedule of events for the weekend.

Thank you to local legend Joe Josephson (JoJo) for joining me in the Moose studio this past Sunday morning and sharing info about this weekends events. Complete fun. Thank you to Becky Edwards for making it happen. Both are co chairs of this weekends events. Make it great! L.

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