If you've been keeping score this week, you'd know that "Weird Al" Yankovic has released the following videos to promote his new album, 'Mandatory Fun': 'Tacky’ (a parody of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’), ‘Word Crimes’ (Robin Thicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines'), ‘Foil’ (Lorde‘s ‘Royals’), 'Handy' (Iggy Azaela's 'Fancy') and 'Sports Song' (about how much your favorite team sucks).

The latest video takes on 'First World Problems,' and it comes with a killer riff that sounds a whole lot like something the Pixies used to play back when they were changing the way indie rock sounded.

You can watch the video, which premiered on our sister site PopCrush, above.

It looks like Yankovic is wearing the same wig he sports in the new 'Handy' video, but maybe that's just us. Either way, he skewers just about everything all those annoying people around you bitch about every day: buying too many groceries for the refrigerator, eating cookies that aren't gluten-free, latte fails.

And even if he doesn't exactly nail Black Francis' howls and Kim Deal's oh-so-sweet backing vocals, those opening pulsating bass notes are straight outta 'Surfer Rosa.' Not that people with first-world problems would know that.

‘Mandatory Fun’ is available now at Amazon or iTunes.

Yankovic also took some time to chat with us earlier this week about the album. Find out what he said in our exclusive interview:

He also talked about Kurt Cobain in an interview with Loudwire. Check it out:

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