I am lettin it fly this holiday season! I usually have more will power than this, but I just can't seem to say no to all the goodies around me this year. With food on my brain, what is the one food that most reminds you of Christmastime and why?

For me, my Grandmother's Irish Soda bread reminds me of Christmas. She is no longer with us and I really miss her more this time of year. Although she used to bake me her special Irish Soda Bread all the time, she made sure I had some for Christmas. 

She kept such a warm, festive house around the holidays, filled with Soda Bread for me and plenty of love for anyone who stepped inside. This holiday season will never be the same for me without her, but she passed on her Christmas cheer and I will always spread more love to others this time of year. I am so grateful to my Grandmother for that. I'm also greatful for all the Irish Soda Bread and love she gave me over the years!

Happy Holidays!