Around this time last year one of my favorite places to go shopping for books, films, games and other goodies closed up shop, and it's been a mystery of what could go in the space next. I figured that because this is Bozeman that it would probably happen pretty quick. With the great location and huge space, who wouldn't want to take over that spot?

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Well, it's been almost a year and there has been no rumor of anything going in at that space. It's weird, you would think a business would want to take advantage of that huge area for something Bozeman needs. Here are a few options I would love to see go in:



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    Bowling Alley

    I love the Bozeman Bowl but they are always slammed with people, and if you just want to walk in and bowl, it's hit and miss. If a new bowling alley opened up at the old Hastings location not only is there tons of room for a bunch of lanes but it has great parking and can fit quite a few people in there as well.

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    Dave and Busters

    This is my personal choice and I think it would fit pretty well in Bozeman. With our growing population, especially young adults, I think this would be a huge hit. It's essentially an adult Chuck E Cheese but they also have fantastic food.

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    Concert House

    Could this turn into a new venue in Bozeman? Possibly. Whoever has the money and time could honestly make that a great mid-size venue that can hold a lot of people and the acoustics in there aren't too bad.