What a nice surprise to find cool, delicious products like sauerkraut, kimchi and spicy carrot chips that are made by the local company Farmented. Garlic carrots are not something I've ever thought about. Now they're all I think about.

Let me say this: I have zero connection to this local business and do not know the owners. Not sure I've ever met either one of them, to be honest. However, I'm looking forward to giving them a hug when I do...

Farmented. You can buy this stuff locally (some places below) or order it from their website. If you're the least bit adventurous culinarily, or wish you were, try some of this stuff.

Don't cook much? No problem. Try the Bloody Mary Mix. Even though I have my favorites, I'm a firm believer there is more than one way to make a good Bloody Mary. This stuff makes it a little unique in the best possible way. Tasty stuff, ladies.

Who are the ladies? I only know what I Googled...two friends, both named Vanessa. Vanessa Walsten and Vanessa Williamson founded this company together with a fantastic mission statement:

Farmented foods has a mission to eliminate all unnecessary food loss on farms. We take the over produced and ugly vegetables from small, local, organic farms and ferment them into delicious products our customers love!

This stuff turns out to be a win-win-win and I feel like I'm a little late to this party. Oh well. Better late than never.

They've got an interesting list of recipes on their website for good ideas on how to use their stuff. (Helpful for the kimchi novices.)

So where can you get this stuff? Farmented products are carried locally at:

Kudos, ladies. You've made a damn good set of products with a great mission statement. I wish you the best of luck and lots of success. Cheers! Your newest fan, Michelle.

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