Back on May 17th, 1972, Don Gorske of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin went to McDonald's and ate his first Big Mac. He's eaten at least one every single day since. Yesterday, on the 39th anniversary of his first Big Mac, 57 year old Don just ate his 25,000th. A sensless devotion that one's body can not appreciate but a Guiness World Record! I've always wanted one of those.

Don knows exactly how many Big Mac's he has consumed because Don has OCD.  He's kept a record of every single Big Mac he's eaten. Based on his calculations, Don has eaten an average of 1.75 Big Macs per day, every day, for his adult life.  Every Big Mac has 576 calories and 32.5 grams of fat but apparently Don doesn't look like he's any more overweight than the average person.

Don says he eats Big Macs every day because, quote, "A person like me, I just don't change too much."  He says he buys six Big Macs on Mondays and eight on Thursdays to eat for the week. He also keeps one in the freezer for emergencies. He puts two in his luggage when he travels and brings one along when he goes to sporting events.  He says he once ate a Whopper, in 1984, and hated it.

Don's 25,000th Big Mac has drawn attention from the people at the "Guinness Book of World Records" for Most Big Macs Eaten.  Don was also briefly featured in that "Super Size Me" documentary.

I do need to say first, I feel for people with OCD. The obsessions seem pointless and consuming (both time consuming and mentally so). It's a debilitating mental disease many have to deal with every day. Sometimes though, the obsessions will get you in the record books. That would personally make me feel a whole lot better. Probably not worth having to deal with OCD but who hasn't always wanted to be in that book? I'm gonna keep thinking of nonsense no one else has bothered to waste their time with. Seriously. I'll keep you posted!