A woman by the name of Sonia Singh from Australia has been receiving endearing praise from parents and kids around the world with her Tree Change Dolls. She finds used fashion dolls (such as Bratz and Barbie dolls) at second-hand shops and “upcycles” them in a “down-to-earth style.” As the father of a young girl, I LOVE this!
Singh uses nail polish remover and eucalyptus oil to clean the dolls’ faces and remove their thick lipstick, heavy eye shadows and painted-on eyes. She replaces it with more child-like, makeup-free features. The dolls’ high-fashion wardrobes are scrapped in favor of a simpler look with charming, knit ensembles crafted by Singh’s mother.
My 2-year-old daughter's fascination lies within the princesses and pretty little dolls in elaborate dress and makeup that surround her. I can't help but wonder how this is shaping her sense of worth. One loving soul has donated her time to making a change without truly realizing it. Check this out: