Tourism is huge in Montana, especially in our area with Yellowstone National Park so close by.

In 2019 though, there was a dip in visitors checking out the oldest national park in America.

In 2019, a little over four million people visited Yellowstone and that's the lowest turnout since 2014.

Here's the past six year trend of visitors that have come through Yellowstone National Park.

  • 2019:4,020,287
  • 2018:4,114,999
  • 2017:4,116,525
  • 2016:4,257,177
  • 2015:4,097,710
  • 2014:3,513,486

As you can see, there has been a slight downward trend in the past three years of visitors going to Yellowstone National Park.

Could it dip even more next year? We will have to see.

For more details, check out Yellowstone National Park.

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