Is there any home accessory more fought over than the remote control? TV-loving dads have long had to establish that they are masters of their domain by commandeering the clicker from the kids.

But why should fathers settle for a remote that just changes the channels when they can have one that also opens a bottle of beer? Or tells time? Or is powered by their own wind?

This Father’s Day, swap the traditional family remote for one of these babies that will have him channel surfing in style:

Bottle-Opening Remote

When dad’s deep in a television groove, there’s no bigger buzzkill than having to get up from the couch to open another cold one. With this beer bottle-opening remote control, he can crash on the couch with a six-pack and stay put for an entire ‘M*A*S*H’ marathon. [Clicker]

Magic Wand Universal Remote

Magic may not be real, but convenience is. With this wand remote, your would-be wizard father can change the channel with a flick of the wrist. [The Wand Company]

Solid Gold Remote

Why is Dad always the one giving the gold? He likes shiny things, too, like this solid gold remote control. And the good news is, it’ll only run you $55K. [Lantic Systems]

Battery-Less Remote

Battery-powered remotes are for wimps. Back in Dad’s day, he used to walk five miles in the snow just to change the channel, which is why he’ll love this remote control that’s powered on motion alone. [Renesas]

Pillow Remote Control

Nobody likes plopping down on the couch only to get stabbed in the side by a hidden remote. With this pillow remote, he can kiss those bruises goodbye. [Brookstone]

Remote Control Wristwatch

A wristwatch that doubles as a universal remote? If it only had a Swiss Army knife, you might never have to get dad another gift. [Hammacher]

Fart-Operated Remote

Rising gas costs got your father down? With this methane-powered channel changer, he can make his own fuel for beans. [Instructables]

Dance Dance Remote

Mom wants to go out dancing, but all he wants to do is sit on the couch and have a quiet night in. With this home-hacked DDR mat-powered remote, everyone’s happy. [Michbex]

Sharp Shootin’ Remote Control

This revolver-inspired remote is perfect for watching that John Wayne movie, or thwarting snack thieves. [Firebox]

Ceramic Remote

Many a dad has smashed their remote into smithereens during a frustrating extra inning. With designer Yuta Watanabe’s ultra-fragile ceramic remote, they’ll think twice about absentmindedly hurling it across the living room again. [Yuta Watanabe]

- Contributed by Andy Scott