Father's Day is usually a simple affair for our family. My dad calls it one of those Hallmark Holidays. But dad got exactly what he wanted for Father's Day this year.

I've promised him that I'd clean up his back patio for months now, replacing weeds and wintered-over pots with fresh growing herbs and vegetables. That's exactly what he got. (OK, there are a few more weeds to pull but the yucky, ugly stuff is gone and the good stuff is there!)

To keep myself out of trouble the last few months of winter, I started dozens of plants from seed with all natural stuff from Planet Natural here in Bozeman, Saturday was dedicated to getting those suckers into normal size pots and OUTSIDE!

Although this is just his patio table covered in freshly potted green things, there will be more just as soon as I can get more pots!

Dad got his container garden for Father's Day
Dad got his container garden for Father's Day

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