Thanksgiving is pretty underrepresented by Hollywood, but if you're looking for a good holiday movie to watch in November, has a list of 10 Movies You Forgot Are About Thanksgiving:

  1. "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", 1987
  2. "Home for the Holidays", a 1995 movie with Robert Downey Jr.
  3. "Dutch", 1991 road trip movie with Ed O'Neill
  4. "Scent of a Woman", 1992
  5. "The Ice Storm", 1997 drama starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver
  6. "Hannah and Her Sisters", 1986 Woody Allen movie
  7. "Grumpy Old Men", 1993
  8. "Pieces of April", a 2003 Katie Holmes movie
  9. "The House of Yes", a 1997 murder comedy starring Parker Posey
  10. "Son In Law", a 1993 comedy starring Pauly Shore

I still love Planes, Tranes and Automobiles this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving!