Keeping all the leaves out of our storm drains is the goal and the City of Bozeman tries to make it as easy as possible by picking up your raked leaves. The 2020 pickup schedule has a couple of updates to it so take a peek.

There are two distinct areas that the City of Bozeman operates the leaf pickup each year. There is a "Core Area" which is generally in town and then the "subdivisions" which are very clearly defined.

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Bozeman has made the following adjustments to the 2020 Leaf Pickup Schedule...

  • Monday, October 26 is now scheduled for Tuesday, November 17
  • Tuesday, October 27 is now scheduled for Wednesday, November 18
  • Wednesday, October 28 is now scheduled for Thursday, November 19
  • Thursday, October 29 is now scheduled for Friday, November 20
  • Friday, October 30 is now scheduled for Monday, November 23

(You might want to spread the word if you know a friend or relative is affected by the few changes to the already published leaf pickup schedule. The 'changed' days got pushed back by a couple of weeks which could greatly affect when folks gather their leaves.)

Please, no branches or other garden waste. Leaves only. The leaf pickup schedule is weather dependent so if we get a big snow, things may come to a close early. Fingers crossed!

  • Watch for "No Parking" signs on leaf pickup days, even if you decide not to use the free service. Vehicles will be ticketed. (Trust me, I know.)
  • Keeping leaves out of storm drains protects the drains throughout the winter. Clogged storm drains and freezing temps are a bad combo
  • Folks on the 'subdivision schedule' need to use compostable bags which will be picked up. Please don't just rake leaves into the street in front of your house.

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